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Associate Director of Leadership (Newark)
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Associate Director of Leadership



A large part of Uncommon’s success is due to our ability to support the professional growth of our teachers and leaders. The K-12 Content Development Team takes a critical leadership role in this area by developing, codifying & disseminating best practices in instructional leadership (Leverage Leadership) and academic content that make a notable impact in students’ learning. Led by the Chief Schools Officer, this team will drive all the professional development content to be used within our K-12 community and beyond.



 The Associate Directors are essential members of the K-12 Content Development Team and each will focus on one of the three content strands: STEM, Humanities or Leadership. They will support the directors of their strand to develop the highest quality professional development content with the following responsibilities:

• Content Design
o Support working group leader and content director to develop and refine new and existing content frameworks, including implementation one-pagers, planning templates, and written guides
o Participate as an active member of the content working groups, driving them towards effective codification of best practices
o Serve as primary operational “point person” for working groups in respective content strand, which includes
 creation and organization of written materials
 working group calendar
 communications with working group
o Support the renewal and maintenance of existing content:
 Leverage Leadership principal content

• Video Analysis & Development
o Manage effective process to collect and review video footage of the top teachers and leaders in this content strand (scheduling, filming, budget, editing, organizing, distributing footage, managing video organizational tools, etc.)
o Review video footage to identify & describe instructional techniques and best practices
 Review raw uncut footage to find promising clips
 Review the cut footage of working group members to screen for quality to guarantee norming of what makes an effective clip
 Select exemplar clips to be showcased for the working groups and other members of the K-12 Content Development Team
 Actively monitor the overall quality of the video collection, looking for gaps where we should do more targeted filming and managing revisions of top clips (e.g., re-splicing, voice over video, case study materials)
o Create talking points and supporting materials for final clips to be used in PD

• Dissemination of Content/PD:
o Support the Chief Schools Officer and content director in the design and revision of professional development sessions, including agendas, handouts/materials, and visual presentations (e.g., PPTs, video montages, etc.)
o Develop and refine practice activities within each PD session
o Design differentiated activities to meet the varying needs of the teachers/leaders in the PD
o Working with operations staff to provide logistical support to Uncommon events that disseminate the content (e.g., principal meetings, cross-regional PD, leadership PD, Uncommon Summer Retreat, Leadership Development Retreat, Great Habits Great Readers workshops, etc.)


Reports to the Senior Associate/Director of their content strand. Works closely with 9-12 Chief Schools Officer and all members of the K-12 Content Development Team.


• Minimum two years of teaching experience required
• Experience in schools with adult learning and professional development strongly preferred
• Deep desire to codify best practices in instruction and leadership via the use of video
• Strong time and task management skills, enabling multiple projects to be completed on time
• Ability to learn quickly and to be effective in a fast-paced, dynamic, entrepreneurial environment: able to work autonomously as well as take direction as needed
• Alignment to and urgency around Uncommon’s mission
• Excellent team player: always puts the team’s goals first and works to support and motivate peers
• Strong writing skills: writes with clarity, precision and power
• Exceptional and creative problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic planning skills
• This role may require travel up to 25% time



 We offer a generous compensation package. All staff members are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated work space, laptop computer, email, high-speed internet access, and all necessary supplies. 

The foregoing information is requested for mandatory government reporting purposes only. As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other category protected by applicable law.

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