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Director of Operations
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School Operations

Director of Operations


GENERAL SUMMARY: Oversees the ongoing operations at the school in conjunction with an Uncommon network’s Chief Operating Officer. Ensures implementation and maintenance of clear systems that allow principals and teachers to focus on students. Works closely with Uncommon’s Home Office Directors and with outside consultants and vendors.

1. Oversees the ongoing operations at the school with the Network Chief Operating Officer and Associate Chief Operating Officer of Uncommon Schools (Uncommon).

2. School start-up and growth:

  • Creates a detailed start-up checklist and ordering list to ensure that the school starts each year prepared and fully stocked.

3. Facility

  • Manages and oversees the school’s physical condition.

4. Technology

  • Works with Uncommon Chief Technology Officer to ensure that the school has a fully functioning technology infrastructure.

5. Student Information

  • Manages student information database system and generates reports as needed.

6. Food and Transportation

  • Manages food and transportation services.

7. Regulations and Reporting

  • Ensures school-wide compliance with health and safety laws, charter contracts, state education mandates (including staff fingerprinting), teacher certification, and all federal and state workplace regulations.

8. Finance and Purchasing

  • Ensures that school-based employees receive payroll and benefits in timely and accurate manner from Uncommon.

  • Works with Uncommon – particularly the Uncommon Director of
    Finance – to create and oversee the school’s budget, finances, and relationships with outside vendors.

9. Scheduling

  • Works with appropriate staff to construct advisory and class rosters.

  • Creates and manages teacher, student, and classroom schedules.

10. External Relations and Development

  • Manages relationships with all outside organizations and leads the school’s efforts to partner with community leaders and organizations.

  • Manages visitor program.

11. Student Recruitment

  • Maintains thorough list of pre-kindergarten programs, head start programs, youth service programs, churches, and other community organizations with which to correspond regarding student recruitment.

  • Tracks student admission applications and maintains waitlist.

12. Manages the Office Manager and staffs the Main Office when Office Manager is unavailable or not present, and ensures the smooth operation of the main office, including mailings, attendance reporting, office machine maintenance, etc.

13. Coordinates with Uncommon to ensure smooth operations, identify needs, and facilitate flow of information.

14. Performs other related duties as required and assigned.

As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.


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